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Windscreen Wiper Blades, what we know about them?

Windscreen Wiper Blades, what we know about them?

Initially, the windscreen wipers looked more like brushes than today's metal-rubber structures. Before the windscreen wipers were self-propelled, the original system to set them in motion required the driver to use the lever manually. Car windscreen wipers were invented over 100 years ago. At that time, the development of technology and motorization made it possible to introduce innovative solutions ensuring high quality of car wiper operation.

For many years, manufacturers of car wiper blades have been creating them according to a design based on a traditional pattern. A breakthrough event was the launch by Bosch of an original product - frameless wipers. There are two types of wipers on the market today:

Classic wipers, the construction of which is based on a traditional pattern. They are made of an articulated frame, the main task of which is to evenly press the embedded rubber element against the surface of the vehicle glass.

Flat wipers in their construction do not have an articulated frame. It was replaced with a flexible rubber rail. The wiper arm cooperating with a jointless blade is characterized primarily by a greater pressing force than the classic arm. Thanks to the modern design, flat wipers perfectly adapt to the curvature of the glass, do not freeze during frosts and do not rust. Flat blades are more aerodynamic, cause less air resistance, and thus reduce the likelihood of the wipers detaching from the glass surface. They work quieter than classic wipers.

The leading manufacturers of windscreen wipers, ie Bosch, Valeo, Trico, Michelin, HQ Automotive, have created a wide range of products, providing consumers with the possibility to choose and the opportunity to adapt the product to their own needs and preferences.

The high quality of car wiper operation provides the driver not only with comfort, but above all, safety while driving. The effect of the proper functioning of the wipers is a clear field of view and good visibility. Driving a vehicle with inefficient wipers j is extremely risky, especially in circumstances with difficult weather conditions.

Remember that windscreen wipers are a necessary part of the vehicle's equipment. The effectiveness of their operation largely depends on the condition of feathers. These, in turn, although they can be made of raw materials of different quality, are always subject to the destruction process. To some extent, it is a process of natural abrasion of rubber elements, but a number of physical and chemical factors are also of great importance for their service life. The constant influence of extreme weather conditions: UV radiation, heavy rainfall, frost and ice in winter and high temperatures in summer have a negative effect on the condition of the wipers.

Depending on the working medium, drying and hardening, cracking and deformation of the rubber elements may occur, which is reflected in the effectiveness of their operation. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear and damage to the sharp edges of rubber elements as a result of turning on the wipers when the windshield is dry. Dust particles accumulated between the rubber edge and the glass surface cause a significant increase in friction, and as a result the rubber deteriorates faster than during "wet" operation. The deterioration of the condition of the rubber elements of the wiper may also be caused by the use of poor quality washer fluids. Chemical reactions between the material and the substance can lead to irreversible damage.

Car windscreen wipers work in very difficult conditions, therefore their efficiency deteriorates after a few months of operation. Damaged blades blur the windshield and reduce visibility while driving, especially when another vehicle is driving in front of you and blinds you with its lights. Then, the water that is not completely wiped from the surface of the glass acts as a prism dispersing the light from the headlights. Driving a car becomes not only tiring, but also dangerous. Replacing car wipers is simple to perform and should take place regularly every 6 months. Postponing this procedure until the last minute is risky.

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