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Car LED Bulbs - FAQ & Troubleshoots
- Why my LED is not working?
- My LED is working but I'm getting a bulb faliure error massage?
- Do I need to remove my battery or shut off my vehicle when installing LED lights?
- Is "polarity” important in installing LED lights?
- What are the "contacts” on an LED light?
- Why I'm haveing a problem with my LED turn signal bulbs (it's hyperflashing)?
- What are load resistors?
- Does my vehicle need error free LEDs?
- What does the "CANBUS" mean?
- Why my "error free" LEDs are still showing an bulb failure massage?
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Windscreen Wiper Blades, what we know about them?
Initially, the windscreen wipers looked more like brushes than today's metal-rubber structures. Before the windscreen wipers were self-propelled, the original system to set them in motion required the driver to use the lever manually. Car windscreen wipers were invented over 100 years ago. At that time, the development of technology and motorization made it possible to introduce innovative solutions ensuring high quality of car wiper operation.
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.71 / 5.00 1787 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
I needed some wiper blades in time for my car's MOT and found the site on a Google search (other internet search engines are available). The price was good and the promised next day delivery was the clincher. My order arrived on time as promised, and I have added the site to my bookmarks for next time.
Order was quick as usual as ordered a few times and Happy with product and will order again